Granny, I miss you…


For the first time, I’m not looking forward to the weekend coming.

Is there anything worse than losing a mom before your 28th birthday?
Yes, if you lose your grandmother 10 months later. Too early, so suddenly…

I couldn’t even list a number of things for me that made me love my grandma. It would take hours.

Our family is pretty connected and problems occur when you are left without someone with whom you are so connected.
Many people tell us that some have not felt the love and care of grandma and mom like us in their entire lives. As nice as it sounds, it still leaves a bitter taste. I agree with them, but it makes this loss even harder.

There were many days when I was stupid and thought I had no luck in life. And I had my mom and grandma by my side.

The sad thing is that only when something like this happens a person realizes how life does not ask for our desires. When you tell someone at the end of a conversation “Talk to you soon.” there is no guarantee that it will happen.
I promise myself and I appeal to you – use every moment to say what you think, to enjoy, and don’t hesitate to fulfill your every wish.

As hard as it may be, I promise you that I will walk happily in world knowing that I was a loved granddaughter and daughter. Even though I don’t get that love in this world anymore, it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

I will walk happily, knowing that behind everything I am and what I will become are two exceptional women cheering for me from above.

I promise myself and to you that I won’t cry. One day. For now, I promise I won’t cry too much. They would like me to be happy.
And it’s hard without them next to me. But I will do my best.